About the June 2011 Trip

On June 27 we began a trip to Kenya and Achungo with a team of 12 intrepid souls ready for an adventure.  11 of us departed U.S. from various locations to join a member already in Nairobi and begin our 12-day adventure as the first team trip to Achungo in many years and the first supported by Menlo Park Presbyterian.

As you'll read in this blog, we spent the first 2 days (okay, maybe it was only 30 hours) in airports and on planes getting to Nairobi.  Our safari vans picked us up at the airport and we went directly to the Masai Mara, Kenya's most popular wild animal park (it is vast and continues into Tanzania as the Serengeti).  After 2 days "on safari" with luxury accommodations and incredible trips to view vast numbers of exotic beasts, we drove to Achungo.

Actually our destination was Rodi Kopany, a tiny village in remote southwest Kenya where our orphanage/school Achungo is located.  You'll read about our stay at the comfortable Tausi Hotel there and about our 4 days working with the teachers and children of Achungo along with our other experiences (at the market, at church on Sunday and then at Michael's house for lunch).

All of us came back greatly affected and changed in many ways that would only become clear over time.  We plan another trip in October 2011 with a team of 10, and expect to lead trips each June and November.  Contact us for more details (montefisher@hotmail.com).